Personal Sessions - See Pricing

Personal Sessions are designed to assist you in reaching the next level of your life's journey by giving you the customized support necessary to transform your reality. I'm sure you ever heard the phrase "change your beliefs - change your life?" There is a direct relationship between your consciousness and your life experience. Sessions are typically a combination of intuitive coaching and channeling that is customized to your individual needs. We strive to be to-the-point yet compassionate in order to support your breakthrough. Complete description...

Intuitive Coaching See Pricing

Intuitive coaching is a series of BeliefShift Personal Sessions designed to assist individuals who are working toward specific goals and want continued support staying on target and overcoming obstacles. With an Intuitive Coaching package, you will have repeated access to support and guidance either on a scheduled or an as-needed basis. These packages offer significant savings over individual personal sessions so they are very popular. Also, see the description of Personal Sessions for additional details. Complete description...

Channeled Sessions See Pricing

Channeled Sessions are really just personal sessions that are delivered almost exclusively via channeling. Channeling is a process where a person receives information from a spiritual source via a telepathic connection. Once permission is granted, the conversation is facilitated by my higher-self and guides which in turn access information from your guides and consciousness. That information is turn relayed back to you via the conversation. Complete description...

Deprogramming See Pricing

Deprogramming is something nearly everyone needs whether they realize it or not. Did you know that the Travistock Institute has been actively engaged in social engineering with mass media mind control techniques for the here in the US since 1947? They have an entire think tank devoted to controlling what you think. These negative programs show up a repeating pattern of destructive circumstances where one appears to be a victim, but in reality they are generating/attracting this because of repressed emotional fear and pain. This requires an approach that is both firm and compassionate along with some specialized training in order to restore one's natural state of wellbeing. Complete description...

Cancer Recovery See Pricing

Cancer is a disease that manifests from destructive energetic patterns of thought. It comes in first as a warning but can become terminal if the energetic patterns are not addressed. These are typically held so deep in the subconscious mind that the average person is not even aware they even exist. Since BeliefShift provides a structured methodology to explore and refine one's consciousness, people can identify, dissolve and replace the destructive patterns with life-affirming patterns. Also, BeliefShift Personal Sessions can provide a real jump start in one's cancer recovery, so please check out our Personal Session page to schedule a private consultation. Complete description...

Healing Recovery

Wellbeing is the natural state of the human body until the spirit decides to withdraw from physical experience. When someone becomes sick, there is always an emotional component to the dis-ease.  Even if someone experiences physical trauma, it is a sign that they are attracting in negative experiences based upon a misalignment of their energetic field.  Any recovery can be enhanced with energy alignment, so please check out our Personal Session page to schedule a private consultation.

Custom Classes

Custom classes can be created for nearly any topic you can imagine.  Typically these classes are designed to improve understanding and increase wellbeing by applying spiritual concepts to human affairs. This can be done in a business, public or private setting depending on your needs. Pricing depends on the complexity of creating the class and your exact requirements. Please Contact Us for more information.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are available for any group that wants to explore topics from the perspective of higher consciousness. This can be done in a business, public or private setting depending on your needs. Pricing depends upon your requirements. Please Contact Us for more information.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing occurs naturally with BeliefShift.  While there will be short periods of discomfort when suppressed emotions come up for transformation, on average people become more joyful over time. BeliefShift encourges emotional awareness along exploring the thoughts that generate the emotion. This works for both women and men who are willing pay attention to their emotions and as one's sensitivity increases, it becomes an intuitive compass to help you make decisions.

Special Issues

When people are awakening to new realms or dimensions, strange experiences often occur. While some of these are experiences can be scary, they can also expand your awareness once you understand what's going on. BeliefShift Personal Sessions can help someone make sense of these experiences.