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Cancer is a disease that manifests from destructive energetic patterns of thought. It comes in first as a warning but can become terminal if the energetic patterns are not addressed. These are typically held so deep in the subconscious mind that the average person is not even aware they even exist. Since BeliefShift provides a structured methodology to explore and refine one's consciousness, people can identify, dissolve and replace the destructive patterns with life-affirming patterns.

People have far more power than they realize when it comes to their ability to heal. Big Pharma plays a huge role in suppressing self-healing and natural remedies because there is no profit involved. At BeliefShift, we do not encourage or discourage using any products because we work directly with your consciousness to enhance whatever healing program you are using. Some people choose let go of all treatment once they feel comfortable with this technique. The founder of BeliefShift used energetic realignment to heal from his so called incurable cancer. We encourage you to check out his cancer story using the link below.

Grant's Cancer Story

Traditional doctor's will often give a patient a "realistic" outcome based upon statistical information. In some cases this can be a death sentence if you choose to believe it. It's important to realize that only a very small percentage of people know anything about consciousness and energetic realignment, so the statistics reflect average results of a sub-optimal treatment.

Even doctors will tell you that attitude is very important when it comes to healing, but seldom tell you why. The answer is actually very simple: You are much more likely to heal if you believe in your treatment method. Since our techniques are based on empowering energetic alignment and refining consciousness, it enhances any course of reasonable treatment. It can even be the treatment!

There are a variety of specific issues associated with different forms of cancer. Since cancer is almost always related to negative programming, BeliefShift deprogramming techniques are often employed to assist someone with their recovery. Being willing to take down defensive walls and embrace new information are important keys to making a complete recovery.

While this sounds simple and it is simple, the human mind has typically been conditioned to over complicate things. That, combined with misunderstanding and disempowerment can easily throw someone off track. If you want to benefit from energetic realignment now, we recommend that you schedule some personal sessions while we are developing our formal training material. These sessions can provide a real jump start in one's cancer recovery, so please check out our Personal Session page to schedule a private consultation.


Please note that all Cancer Recovery work is done through BeliefShift Personal Sessions. Please refer to the Personal Sessions page for pricing.

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