Channeled Sessions

BeliefShift Channeled Sessions are really just personal sessions that are delivered almost exclusively via channeling. Channeling is a process where a person receives information from a spiritual source via a telepathic connection. Once permission is granted, the conversation is facilitated by my higher-self and guides which in turn access information from your guides and consciousness. That information is turn relayed back to you via the conversation.

30 Min Channeled Session


60 Min Channeled Session


90 Min Channeled Session


120 Min Channeled Session


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Note that you can upgrade your first channeled session to an intuitive coaching package if desired.

All Sessions are done either over Skype, in person or on the phone and include a downloadable MP3 audio recording made available via dropbox.
Sessions are prepaid and will be scheduled as soon as a mutually convenient day and time is established, usually in a few days.