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Deprogramming is something nearly everyone needs whether they realize it or not. Did you know that the Travistock Institute has been actively engaged in social engineering with mass media mind control techniques for the here in the US since 1947? They have an entire think tank devoted to controlling what you think. Some people have been exposed to the more extreme forms of trauma-based mind control like MK Ultra which involve blank-slating so they don't even remember the devastating abuse. These negative programs show up a repeating pattern of destructive circumstances where one appears to be a victim, but in reality they are generating/attracting this because of repressed emotional fear and pain. This requires an approach that is both firm and compassionate along with some specialized training in order to restore one's natural state of wellbeing.

Many people never take the time to question their perception or the circumstances which created it until things in their life starts to melt down. There are some very devious people in this world, and the people that do covert mass media social engineering do not have your interests in mind. They are much more interested in getting you to do what benefits them.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but If you have been exposed to or have any of the following then deprogramming may be beneficial to you:

  • Special Access Programs
  • CIA, FBI, NSA, NRO, etc.
  • Military School/Acadamy
  • Boys or Girls School
  • Religious Disempowerment
  • Financial Slavery
  • Devestating Experiences
  • Type "A" Personality
  • Cancer or Disease
  • Military Service
  • Police Service
  • Slavery
  • Very Controlling Parents
  • Drug/Alcohol Addiction
  • Elite College or School
  • Corporate Dogma
  • Human Trafficing
  • Cult Membership
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Work in a Legal Field
  • Work in a Medical Field
  • Medical Testing
  • Secret Socities
  • Abductions

The reason for this is very simple. Most everyone has been forced (and therefore programmed) to bow down to authority out of fear of being punished. People's minds become so programmed to obey all the rules, they can to longer hear or trust their own spiritual connection. For some, this has been so extreme they have become like human robots. Deprogramming helps people see through these limitations so they can choose a different path.

It's important to remember that these mind control programs originate from propaganda techniques developed in the 1930's in Nazi Germany, and were imported into the US with operation paperclip after WWII. They were further refined by the OSS/CIA and went completely black after the CIA was spanked by Congress for their MK Ultra program. These techniques and their derivatives are still used today in secret. We have included some off-site links so you can research this issue for yourself.


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