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BeliefShift Personal Sessions are designed to assist you in reaching the next level of your life's journey by giving you the tools necessary to transform your reality. There is a direct relationship between your consciousness and your life experience so the phrase "change your beliefs - change your life" holds true here.  Many people are running into energetic glass ceilings and must evolve their consciousness in order to move to the next level. If your old life is no longer working or if you just want to explore new options, a BeliefShift session can help you break through to what's next. Sessions are typically a combination of coaching and channeling and are customized to meet your individual needs. The items listed below suggest some possible topics but no subject is off limits.

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Remembering Your Joy
  • Releasing Stuck Patterns
  • Embracing Abundance
  • Clearing Anxiety Issues
  • Relaxing / Feeling Safe
  • Reclaiming Your Power
  • Self-Healing Activation
  • Attracting What You Want
  • Dealing with Addictions
  • Deep Emotional Pain
  • Confidence - Fearlessness
  • Expanding Career Potential
  • Attracting In Your Soulmate
  • Creating Better Relationships
  • Creating An Empowered Life
  • Expanding Your Awareness
  • Healing Traumatic Issues
  • Exceptional Experiences
  • Work - Life Balance
  • Checking out of Slavery
  • Clearing Your Karma
  • Exploring Probable Realities
  • Telepathic Communication
  • Being More Fully Expressed
  • Making Peace With Money
  • Disconnecting from Abuse
  • Engaging Your Discernment
  • Healing from Mind Control
  • Beyond Positive Thinking
  • Resonance Frequencies
  • Accepting Differences
  • Multiple Personalities
  • Connecting to Your Higher-Self
  • Embracing Unconditional Love
  • Understanding Multi-Dimensionality
  • Understanding Negative Experiences
  • Understanding Unusual Issues
  • Understanding Extraterrestrials
  • Breaking Free From Limitations
  • Understanding Consciousness
  • Empowering Gender Awareness
  • Becoming More Sovereign
  • Past Life Regressions


30 Min Personal Session


60 Min Personal Session


90 Min Personal Session


120 Min Personal Session


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Note that you can upgrade your first personal session to an intuitive coaching package if desired.

All Sessions are done either over Skype, in person or on the phone and include a downloadable MP3 audio recording made available via dropbox.
Sessions are prepaid and will be scheduled as soon as a mutually convenient day and time is established, usually in a few days.